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: RVI stand for ROAD ACCIDENT VICTIMS COVERAGE INSURANCE is the accident insurance that cover injury people in Cambodia.All of people who involve in that accident will have the treatment and financial services for that accident.The reasons for start up this insurance due to high rate of accident cases in cambodia that an importance reason to cause for death and disability and become of family expense.
There are 3 main benefits of RVI insurance such as : have a good treatment for injury people in that accident , have a financial support and avoid high expense from family.
The effect of traffic accident such as : Lose the family member , lose income , the increase of death and lose of human resource and make a bad effect to society.
If the death occurred , 5000$ will pay back for that accident case.
According to RVI policy , we will pay back according to level of injury such as: If small injure will pay for treatment . If lose some body part and become disability will pay back 3000$/each. But if there are 2 people death the same with the same case, the totally maximum payment only 5000$.
All traffic accident all case in whole year.
To process claim back require some documentaries such as : Hospital recipe / copy of death letter and identity card and summit to company around 180 days after traffic accident happen.
We should choose RVI because RVI provide good price of insurance and have a good cover in traffic accident.
The head quarter of office located at #33 , street 337, khan Toul Kork ,Phnom Penh.
If have traffic accident occurred , the injury people or family of injury need to transfer them to hospital and contact to company by hotline number 1800 208877.