About Us


H.I Micro Insurance PLC that invested between Cambodia, Thailand and Australia Officially Opened on Monday, May 29, 2017 by bringing the unique insurance service in Cambodia is Road Accident Victim Coverage Insurance (RVI) Which has been long time in most countries in the world such as Thailand, USA, Australia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam.  


RVI is the road Accident Victims coverage insurance throughout Cambodia. All kinds of vehicle and all passengers will get immediate treatment attention and financial service in case of traffic accidents. The decision to set up the RVI is due to the high rate of accidents which is the main cause of death and disabilities as well as the financial burden of the families in Cambodia.


This feature of the insurance service is that both victims including pedestrians or involving parties will be immediately sent to the hospital. All the victims do not have to spend time arguing about finding who was wrong and right. The insurance company will issue a compensation fee for treatment and finance. About the finding the right things, it will be for the police’s responsibility to do the investigation.